Fishing Reports

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There are so many good reports on the web for our area, many of them provided by our sponsors. Mike and Allen suggest you go to any of the following sites for up to date fishing reports for the Santa Cruz area and beyond.
Mike Baxter and Allen Bushnell also write the weekly newspaper Fish Reports for the Santa Cruz area. Mike writes for the Press Banner, and Allen handles the Sentinel.  Allen’s an avid yak angler and, teamed with 2011-10-16_al_wsbAllen Sansano, they have the biggest, best kayak fishing mag in the WORLD!


JD Richey.  One of the best online fishing magazines in existence. FishwithJD.


Ed Burell and Frank Ealy send the skiffs out everyday. Their awesome reports on skiff and pier fishing are HERE.
Stagnaro’s Sportfishing. They’ve been fishing the Monterey Bay since 1876. They know what they are doing. Check the reports from the new boat Velocity HERE.
Fish On Sportfishing. Tom Joseph will get you out there for salmon and BAxter-lingalbacore.  He runs from Monterey, Santa Cruz or Half Moon Bay, whichever is closest to the good fishing.  Report HERE.
For the BIG picture, you can’t beat Chad Woods’ site. Get all the dock totals and trout reports from up and down the State of California. HERE.
Todd at Bayside Marine always has his finger on the pulse of local fishing. Check his daily private boat report HERE.